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Electric human centrifuge game, battle your opponent to see who can handle the most G-force.  Tops over 5G! Constructed for “Red Bull Creation” national engineering competition 2012.

How to play: Both players press and hold their button.  Spinning commences, and G-force builds until someone can’t handle the forces.  The person who holds their button the longest wins; the first to let go ends the game.

Total build time:
72 hours
Featured on:

  • Discovery Channel UK/Canada show “You Have Been Warned” , claiming the #1 spot for backyard engineering
  • Riddles From Around The World (roughly translated) Japanese television show.
  • Discovery Channel UK/Canada show “Daily Planet”.
  • The Verge (Episode 10)
  • PopSci.com
  • Displayed at the World Maker Fair in New York & Mini-Maker fair in Hampton Roads, VA.
Technical specifications & components used:

2x Arduino unos for logic control

  • XBEE transceiver radios to communicate between spinning top and motor/controller below
  • Vex885 24v electric motor controller, 120 amp continuous output.
  • Two 12v Deep Cycle Marine batteries wired in series to run the whole rig
  • 36v golf kart motor with rear end.  Open differential welded to distribute power to single wheel.
  • RGB LED’s to indicate game starting and illuminate our custom CNC plexi cut “winner” signs upon beating your opponent.
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