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A 100% electric air propeller driven 3-wheel vehicle, propelled by wind!

As part of the “Deconstruction” international competition, we were told to deconstruct something and make it into something else.  We took broken golf karts kindly donated from Old Dominion University, and we transformed them into a 3 wheel vehicle.

Total build time:
48 hours
Featured on:
Discovery Channel UK/Canada show “You Have Been Warned” , claiming the #10 spot for backyard engineering
Technical specifications & components used:

  • 2 broken golf karts
  • 1 used “racing” bench seat for a Ford Bronco
  • ME1003 72v neodymium brushed motor, generating rated for 19 continuous horsepower
  • Lithium Polymer battery array wired in combination series/parallel arrangement for 74v nominal @ 30Ah.  Total: 2.22 Killowatt hour pack.
  • 36” x 12 pitch beechwood 1/6th scale RC aircraft propeller, custom adapted to fit our motor.
  • Motor Controller: SPM72400, 72v capable of 26 hp constant output.
  • Glass shower knob for throttle control
  • 4 awg (car audio) power wire
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