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About Project

Iconic Nintendo gaming gun transformed into a real life laser gun that sets things on fire!  Fulfills many childhood dreams.
Total build time:
24 hours
Technical specifications & components used:

  • M140 445nm laser diode
  • 2.1 amp output micro-buck (step-down) laser driver
  • Diode mounted in focusable Aixiz housing with single “G2” glass lens.
  • 2x 750mAh 30C LIPO batteries wired in series, custom charge adapter, external voltage monitor
  • Custom machined 6061 aluminum heatsink for laser heat management
  • Turn Key safety mechanism for hard disconnect while not in use
  • Over 2,000 mW output.  Our laser meter was maxed out by this laser; estimated output in the 2500mW range.
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