Create the Future Episode 3, "Made Ya Look". from joe cookie on Vimeo.

The Story

We have always been a weird bunch. Back in highschool, we were those obnoxious kids creating record breaking car stereos that shook the block. We made annoying contraptions like taser gloves "just for the fun of it." While our hobbies have changed over the years, one thing has remained unchanged: We love to invent, innovate, and create things. We self fund all of our projects, pick through trash, and rip apart old junk to aquire the parts we need. One way or another, our imagination takes shape. Our first big "claim to fame" was our motorized hammock that drove with a playstation controller. It was a qualifier for a national build-a-thon competition sponsored by Red Bull energy drinks. We qualified and got a trip to New York to do a "hacker" inspired junkyard war. It was intensely challanging and fun.

alex in the zone

Whats next?

Several plans are in development and soon to be released! stay tuned to our mainpage for updates.

fun build time