North Street Labs and Red Bull Creation 2012

This year in the second annual RBC, we're trying our best to qualify for the finals. This year we made an insanely powerful game, Simon: Violence!

The unsuspecting game player walks by, but we trigger buttons on our wireless controller to make computer beeps to get attention. The suspect inserts a coin. When a coin is inserted the game begins, as a typical Simon game. Once the player gets farther than 4 correct answers, a failure then triggers the 2000 watt floor buffer to vibrate the platform and player while flashing bright red LEDs and making loud noises!

To do this project we interfaced the Bullduino to many devices::

Most people were more than adept at playing Simon, which led them to get deeper and deeper into thought as they memorized more. Eventually they are all caught off guard when the machine gives them a shake! This machine is so violent, it is hard to capture on film! Luckily we did! The machine managed to break apart our first set of buttons, wiggle free all the wood screws, and even a few bolts! After hot glue, thread locking, and some hammer time dancing it was solid as a rock.

The desktop was made by measuring our LEDs, buttons, and the desk. We then modeled it all in CamBam to generate Gcode for a new desktop composed of three layers to help hide wiring and electronics. We engraved our name and our slogan "Make Sh!t Happen" out of necessity to keep everyone happy.