Worlds largest vending machine built for SXSW!

North Street Labs recently unveiled the worlds largest vending machine during SXSW in Austin, Texas! Click here to see a video and pictures about the creation.

NSL's Centrifury And Motorized Hammock Seen On "On The Verge"!

Ever since Maker Faire NYC 2012 we've been noticed by hundreds of thousands of people! Now we're on a webisode called On The Verge from, a nice techy TV show created by employees that left Engadget and AOL for the sake of producing better and unique content. If you want to watch the whole show click here. Embedded below is the summary from their show about Maker Faire NYC!

NSL Featured on!

Back in October we visited our first maker faire as makers in the NYC World Maker Faire. While there Sparkfun visited us for a while to chat and scope out the creations we brought. Most of the Sparkfun crew including Nate were able to join the ranks of the thousands who have ridden the Centrifury and survived the G-forces! Check out Alex and a few other makers interviewed in the video below that recaps some of the interesting things found around NYC World Maker Faire. Click HERE to read the original news post.

New Centrifury Sign

The organizers of Red Bull Creation made a wonderful sign for each of the teams represented at NYC Maker Faire 2012. Once we arrived home we lamented about the fact our new found sign would cost 350 watts to run. After some thinking, we decided to upgrade the sign to use less power and look 10 internets better! Click HERE to learn more about the conversion.

Upgrade Flashlight To Pocket Sun!

A detailed upgrade a Cree XRE flashlight into an XML HERE to see the complete build.

Nintendo Zapper 2W+ laser gun!

A detailed retrofit of a NES Zapper with a ridiculously powerful laser! Click HERE to see the complete build, along with video in action!

Back To The Hippodrome!

Just after Red Bull Creation we didn't even have time to sleep, as we had a party to throw! The Back To The Hippodrome party was to have Lights and hundreds of feet of EL Wire to light the party up. Everything is controlled by a single wireless Playstation controller! Click HERE to see more!

The CentriFury

In 72 hours we built this amazing game that has been known to inspire fear in the eyes of men.  It's a test of willpower and endurance.  After strapping in you hold the button in unison with your opponent.  Once the game begins it builds speed.  As the game progresses you experience more G-forces, making it more challenging as you fight to hold down the button.  Whoever can hold on the longest wins.  This creates approximately the same g-forces as a Top Fuel Dragster, but sustained.  So far we have clocked this up to 4.3Gs.  It has the potential to do more; we just haven’t found two competitors that can hold on long enough.  Can you? Click here to watch a video! want to see more pictures, click here!

Simon Shakes!

A little while ago we received a Bullduino from Redbull, and then we made something with it. here is our newest creation, Simon: Violence! Click Here to see the video!

Inside the Bullduino

Last Friday we received a Bullduino from Redbull, and to be used in this years second Redbull Creation competition! Here we have a small article about this new wonderous device, the the Bullduino.

What's Inside!?

Do you like to take things apart to understand how things work? Why they exist? So do we! In this era of internets we know you can google and click the wiki link to just about anything you desire to know. But there seems to be a true lack of sensory input, all you get are images and words to build a vague understanding. We wish to bring a hands-on and, more importantly, destructive approach to showing what is inside and what makes things tick. We hope to be able to give post one of these each month For the first What's Inside we bring you a lightning arrester! Click the picture for more information.


1.3W 445nm Blue Laser Build

We built this laser into a compact handheld flashlight housing utilizing cheap and easily available flashlight components. Click the picture for more information.


Anodize Titanium at Home

If you have some titanium laying around and you want a new look, check this page out. It shows how a simple chemical reaction with Coke and different voltages can anodize titanium! Click the picture for more information.


SquareUp Tear down!

This little gadget is used by Square Inc. to allow credit card use on your iPhone or Android phone. We had one laying around and had to see how it worked. Click the picture for more information.


Building a Better Business Card

Business cards are so cheap, you can typically get free ones made. We wanted to stand out, after a couple of beers this card was drawn up and cut out. Click the picture for more information.

CNC half-tone image making!

CNC router half-tone image generation by North Street Labs from Justin S on Vimeo.

CNC furniture!

Experimenting with CNC cut pop-together furniture, more to come!

CNC furniture from Justin S on Vimeo.

A little NSL Video:

NorthStreetLabs Rocks! from Stephen Shaffer on Vimeo.

The American Dream

Over a thousand years ago, the Mayan civilization (wisely) invented the hammock. For some unknown reason, nobody has improved upon it until now. Our project is finally complete! It took extensive cutting, welding, soldering, and time. The end result is ultimate laziness. It now utilizes a wireless PS2 controller for navigation with an Arduino micro-crontroller. The chassis was taken from an old electric wheel chair, and the rest was improvised. The end result is the ultimate in relaxation. We call this "The American Dream."